Being a professional dancer and/or choreographer is one of the most fulfilling jobs on Earth. You are an artist, a creator and you live to and for dance. 

The value of dance in society is enormous. When we dance, we express our soul, the story and energy of our inner world. When we dance, we show the audience the aliveness of ourselves and we invite them to feel and get into their own heart and souls also. 

Dance tells stories without words. Dancing bonds, expresses and inspires. Dance shows us the wealth and benefits of expressing ourselves and being and feeling fit & fabulous.

Dancing is freedom. Dance is health. Dance unites. Dance gives hope. Dance creates awareness and growth. 


Financially it can be (very) hard as a dancer though. Professional dancers are often underpaid and undervalued. 


This really has to change. For more information and awareness about the payment of professional dancers, please see: