To get & stay fit in midlife isn't always easy. We have a lot to do. Time is often a key factor. But we have to prioritize our health & selfcare more and more in midlife. 


Hereby some easy health lifehacks that work wonders for me, might work for you also: 


  • Dance Daily for at least 30 minutes. 3 times 10 minutes works also (source: myself). Dancing is a total body workout that expresses our soul also. Dancing also heals. If you're not able to dance for 10 minutes, please dance as long as you can and in a few days or weeks you will notice you can dance longer. The health & healing benefits of dancing works immediately. Dancing daily is the miracle health & aging lifehack that actually almost no one talks about :). And yes: the health benefits of dancing are scientifically proved, more details about this: see Pubmed.
  • No sitting for more than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes go walk & get some water, coffee and/or tea. This is for your heart & brain health, because we have to take care of the health of our blood vessels (source: (Dutch book) Hart voor je Brein (Erik Scherder/Leonard Hofstra).
  • Supplement Magnesium, Vitamin D3+K2 and Vitamin C.