'Imagine how you would feel like if you had a direct link to the fountain of youth'


My name is Wendy, I'm 47 years old and I'm in perimenopause. Perimenopause is the transition to postmenopause and that's when women aren't fertile anymore.


Past my prime

According to society I’m almost past my prime. With the drop of my estrogen levels, the best days of my life will be gone also, just like my value as a woman. Well, when I say this out loud this sounds a little bit bizarre, right. It’s like I’m not a human being, but an object with an expiry date. The stereotypes of aging women are always about loss & losing. The loss of youth, the loss of beauty, the loss of femininity and the ‘losers’ list goes on and on and on. 



The objectification of women starts from a very young age. The messages young girls are constantly bombarded with day in day out are: ‘you are not good enough the way you are now’. When you are conditioned from childhood that your value depends on how your body looks or how high your grades are, your self-confidence comes not from within, but from outside factors. As a result of that I think that most women don’t feel confident enough to pick up AND sustain the true leadership roles our society needs. How would the world would look if women would feel confident their whole lifetime? In what way would that decode our future?


That thing that makes you you

I have a 12-year-old daughter. She’s a whole human being already. She has her own character, her own soul and her own personality. And she is full of feelings, needs & dreams. And she glows.


We all have our own inside ageless glow. It’s that sparkle in our eyes. It’s that thing that makes you you. A lot of adults don’t feel that sparkle anymore. It’s often buried under responsibilities, tasks and the never ending to do lists. And by our brains that believe we don’t need our core being anymore. Well, we do. That sparkle inside of us is what makes us human and not ‘objects’. You know when I see that sparkle in people the most? When they dance.


Dancing is medicine

Dancing is never ‘just dancing’. Dancing is expressing your soul. Humans have miraculous bodies, we are designed to dance. We do it as long as humans exist, it’s a form of communication and even more important: dancing is medicine. But most of us have forgotten this. I’m here to remind you. I’ve studied dance & the enormous health benefits of dancing my whole life.


Dancing is expressed freedom. And I can assure you: everyone can dance. As long as you leave your brain out of it. Dancing starts from the heart. So dance like YOU love to dance: like no one is watching or like everyone is watching! When you dance, you train your brain, lungs, heart, waist, abs, hips, legs, joints, feet, posture, balance, coordination, flexibility, mood & expression: all in one.


So please if you ever feel trapped in the aging process, just remember this: Dance Daily for your Health. Dance today, tomorrow and all the days after. Cause Dancing Daily is thé aging lifehack.


'Our souls deserve showtime'