How to get rid of emotional eating


The key in this is: knowing why you eat. A lot of emotional eating is connected to fulfilling needs that aren’t met (yet). It’s often under (di)stress that we start eating the ‘comfort’ food.


When you eat your feelings ‘away’, they are not away actually. They are on the background when you eat, waiting to ‘flare up’ again, because they have an important message for you about your health & wellbeing. Feelings signal needs. When you feel happy & fulfilled, your needs are fulfilled, if you feel sad and/or stressed, they are not and you need to take action to fulfill them (that’s the message of your feelings). When you don’t meet your needs, your feelings will intensify more & more. Cause they care about your wellbeing.


When you identify what kind of need you need to fulfill, you are able to get in action to arrange this.


How do you identify needs? Here is a list with needs, use this to see if a need matches. In Dutch, find here


If you can’t figure out what kind of need or needs need your attention, please see a counsellor that can help you with that. They listen to you and reflect your feelings to you, so you will be able to clarify where to work on.


Now you don’t need food anymore to cope with distress. The quality of your life will enhance enormously. Freedom from food is a great feeling. Your life & health will thank you!